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About Us

About Us

We fight for you

At Fuerza Law, we are a group of Hispanic lawyers who understand your needs. We know how difficult it is to arrive in this great country and solve your immigration problems or car accidents without the proper guidance.

We care about your peace of mind, that is why we help you with appeals, B-1 visas, commercial immigration, citizenship and naturalization, visa extensions, deportation, immigration for families, permanent residence visa (Green Card), or any other situation or procedure related to immigration.

If you were involved in a car accident, we help you receive just compensation for the damages you have suffered, or possible future losses derived from the event. We accompany you to solve your case, we will fight for you and for your rights, regardless of your immigration status in the country.

Fuerza Law Immigration

We fight for you!


Our team

Our team of professionals has successfully resolved hundreds of cases. We understand how important it is to have someone who understands you, speaks your language and knows what you are going through. We are with you.

William H. Jackson

Attorney At Law

Melissa Romero

Personal Injury Paralegal

Miguel Heras

Immigration Attorney

María Calderon

Immigration Paralegal


Localities of Fuerza Law

Visit us at any of our offices and we will gladly assist and support you in your case.


Our specialized lawyers will fight for you